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Long-time Milwaukee Attorney Clifton Owens is a partner in the Wilson, Broadnax, and Owens law firm specializing in helping people protect their personal financial assets.


Financial misfortune can happen even in the best of times but an economic downturn can impose difficult circumstances on even the most fiscally conscientious families. Knowing all of the bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options available can help you effectively deal with debt and stop foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions and creditor harassment.

Uncertainty mounts when your debts include the Internal Revenue Service, which can potentially result in tax liens and levies. The IRS has powerful and comprehensive tools to collect back taxes. You need powerful and comprehensive solutions, some of which may even allow you to settle with the IRS for much less than you owe.

Attorney Owens provides one-on-one, individualized, personal attention. With over 30 years of highly specialized experience in bankruptcy and IRS tax law, you can rest assured you will enjoy the most appropriate and beneficial solutions to your debt problems. Experience, once again, the peace of mine that comes with being debt free. From defending your rights in an IRS audit to protecting your assets during bankruptcy, you need the expertise of Clifton Owens on your side.

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